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Arch Pain Running : Cause & Treatment

Arch pain when running is normally a symptom of a heel running injury. It could be a heel spur or a plantar fasciitis. To know which is which you will need to get a feel of your arch.

Cause of Arch Pain When running

The cause of the arch pain is because of  heel injury which is a common running injury. It is common because your heel is usually at the receiving end of all running impact. It is said the weight on the foot and heel when landing is four times your body weight.

Diagnosing Heel Injury

Heel Spurs – The pain is felt at the front part of your heel, where the arch and the heel meet.

Plantar Fasciitis – The pain is felt at the center of the heel. To diagnose plantr fasciitis press really hard with your thumb on the center of the heel. If the pain is felt at the center, it is indeed plantar fasciitis.

Heel injury picture : Heel injury photo

Treatment of Arch pain from running injury.

The first thing to do is stop running and take a rest. Apply ice at least 72 hours after running activity. Try heel stretching exercises, they will help to relieve the inflammation. Apply anti inflammation cream. If the pain is too much, you can’t walk or stand see your Doctor.