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The Perfect Running Technique

If you are looking for the perfect running technique on how to run and save energy you can study the following picture from the guys at pose tech.

Running runners body posture

Just remember a good running technique will make you run faster, avoid injury, and save you energy.

The Perfect Running : Runners Posture

What is the perfect running posture? Runners have always sort the answer to that question.

I found this picture with a good illustration on a good posture during running.


Formula : How To Make Your Own Gatorade

In this age of inflation sports drinks like Gatorade don’t come cheap. One clever way to beat the corporate prices is to make your home made sports drink.

If you take a look at a gatorade bottle you will see gatorade has a formulation that gives the following for an 8oz serving:

  • 14grams Carbohydrate (5.9%)
  • 110 mg Sodium
  • 30mg Potassium
  • 52 calories

The good news is that making a sports drink from home is pretty cheap. Everything you need is right in your kitchen.

I found this simple recipe for making a home made sport’s drink

Homemade Sports Drink Recipe by Dr. Lorraine Williams

  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 9 tbs. Sugar
  • 3/8 tsp Salt
  • Water to 2 liters

Race Report : Running My First Tokyo Marathon

This is a Guest Blog post from my Friend Khalfan who ran the 2009 Tokyo Marathon. He is a Kenyan teaching in Japan

Tokyo Marathon(My first Marathon)
From Khalfan.


Actually my main sport has been soccer since when I was 6 years old. But in high school I ran a number of short races like 4 x 100m relay, and 200m.
Although I am from Kenya, running is not seen as cool by city youths. Only these days of running boom, people are kind of noticing the power of running. In my case I felt the power of running when I moved to Japan.

How I fell in Love with running

Last July, my student invited me to run in their 5k by 4 Ekiden, and I was the anchor! I was expecting something like 20 minutes, but to my surprise I ran for 17 minutes 30 seconds(Thanks to my soccer sprints!).

After this I felt like challenging half Marathon in November which went well and was tempted to shot at the Tokyo Marathon. Amazingly, a month before November’s half Marathon, I had only two runs. One 6 Kilometre run which I did in my October vacation in Mombasa and a 16 Kilometre run which I did two days from the race. I was quite poorly prepared, but was surprised to finish in 1 hour 31 minutes.

Tokyo Marathon 2009

Starting line:

I didn’t want to go to the Tokyo Marathon start line as poorly prepared as November. So I started training hard and long, only to get injured and stay out of action all of December and January. The injury was so serious that it forced me to go to an orthopedician. In mid Feb I was back on my feet but was scared to do tough training to avoid another injury. So I went to the start line with confidence but poorly prepared again with only one 25 Kilometre run as my longest run.

Register : Get an Entry To Tokyo marathon : Matter of Luck

I think you already know that Japan is a country of runners, I don’t mean record breakers as we know them but I mean people who love running! That means getting a ticket to the Tokyo Marathon, being the biggest running event in Japan is not a joke! The limit was 30,000 Marathon runners and 5,000 10 Km runners, but there were over 260,000 applicants. Lucky me!

On the starting line I met a few good runners I know since my position was good as I used my 5k results. I was dreaming of an ambitious target time of 2:55 to 3:30 and was planning to run 5k 20 to 21 minutes splits. From my half Marathon experience I knew that my pacing is bad, so I decided to follow a guy who can take me at a 4:10 pace.

When the gun went off, we crawled for about one and a half minute before crossing the start line. My leader Mr. Paddy was quite slow at the first split and we crossed 5k point after 23 minutes. Although I trusted him, I still doubted myself if I can hold such a slower pace for long, so I decided to speed up (A rookies mistake which I knew about!). The reason I sped off was the feeling that I better get tired after covering many Kilometres in a short while than getting tired trying to keep a uniform pace.

The second split 5k to 10k I did it in 21 minutes, 10k to 15k at 22minutes, 15k to 20k at 23 minutes. But my trouble started between 20 to 25 mark. My calf muscles started getting tighter as I approached 24k mark. Remember that is around my longest practice run! I hanged in there and crossed the 25k point in 26 minutes.

The Awesome Spectators of Tokyo marathon

The good thing about Tokyo Marathon is that, there are supporters everywhere, it makes it difficult to even think of quitting. And that is why the finishing percentage might be one of the highest in the world at 97%. Although the idea of quitting started filling my head after 25 mark, I knew that I had to reach 28k mark since that is where someone was waiting for me with my Gel. So I pushed on, telling my brain that after taking the gel I can just quit.

I have heard of people eating Bananas, cookies and bread and other stuff as they run, but I always felt this is very silly since serious runners have no such leisures. Also the idea of run-walking was something I never imagined I could keep up with! But as I approach 28K mark I felt all my energy was sapped out! When I saw the Banana supply, I grabbed a handful of Banana pieces that amount to about two bananas. I took the banana hungrily, drunk lots of water and amino drink, enough to get me to the 28 mark.

At 28 mark I got my gel but since I was so hungry I drunk the gel in few seconds, and was supply less. Luckily just around the corner some supporter offered me a bottle of water, and two more supporters gave me gels. Nevertheless at 29 mark I broke my not walking promise and stopped to stretch and walk. In fact at this point I was thinking of quitting but most of the route had railings and supporters never stopped cheering. That made me feel like I was on the stage, and I started enjoying talking with the supporters in between my runs!

The only thing that helped me on top of the food helping was the medical support around! I knew someone had medical supplies, but I forgot what color jacket volunteers had medical supplies. I stopped a number of them asking, until I found out the volunteers in red jackets had spray that could ease my calf muscles. So with few pit stops, I could manage a decent walk run that saw me cross 30k mark after 32 minutes, 35k mark after 31 minutes, and 40k mark after 33, The last 2ks or so I did them in about 12 minutes and managed to cross the finish line far from my target time after 3 hours 46minutes. The rest is history!

The winner of Tokyo Marathon was a fellow Kenyan – Salim Kipsang, I wished I had asked him to carry my chip for me!

Inspiring Story of a 65 year Old Japanese Marathon Runner

Though a Kenyan won, the real record breaker was a 65 years old Japanese with Bushido(Samurai) spirit – Mr. Akinori Kusuda who ran 52 Marathons in 52 days. Tokyo Marathon was his 52nd!

I just ran my first Marathon and I feel like I need two weeks recovery, I wonder what kind of muscles does Mr. Akinori have!

The run was tough, but really memorable and fun! My next plan is to do more long runs of 30 to 35k and do a couple of 10 ks and half Marathons before attempting another Full Marathon!

How the Nike+Ipod Kit For Runners Work

When Nike+Ipod kit was introduced, Time magazine described it as the most elegant of high tech runner’s aids.

How The Nike+Ipod Kit works

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit links an in-shoe transmitter to an iPod Nano-connected receiver, so that all the facts and figures of a workout can be tracked and reviewed.

The kit relays activity from a shoe-based transmitter to a receiver dongle that plugs into the iPod Nano docking connector. (The unit is compatible, at present, with only the Nano versions of the iPod.)


Things that the Nike+Ipod Kit tracks for you

A sensor, transmitting at 2.4 GHz, detects a runner’s cadence, and a set of calibrating procedures makes a range of estimates–including time tracking, distance run, pace and calories burned–available in the iPod.

If you want some real-time feedback, a spoken alert can indicate milestones, such as lap splits or mileage, during the course of a workout. Basically, the Nano now plays host to a virtual trainer. Once your run is done, you can plug in to download the results to iTunes, where you can review performance history. By synchronizing the data on a companion Nike Web site, runners can set objectives and monitor their progress.

What is the weight of the transmitter? very very light, it won’t slow your run.

Marathons That Allow Running With an Ipod

Since the ban of wearing Ipods / headphones during marathon races, runners who love running with an ipod have been forced to find Ipod friendly marathons.

Which marathons can a runner run with an Ipod?

The following is a list of Ipod friendly marathons.

  1. Austin Marathon
  2. Big-D Texas Marathon
  3. Dallas White Rock Marathon
  4. Des Moines Marathon
  5. Green Bay Marathon
  6. Lake Tahoe Marathon
  7. Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon (Anchorage)
  8. Melbourne and Beaches Marathon (Florida)
  9. Miami Marathon
  10. OC Marathon (California)
  11. Portland, Marathon (Oregon)
  12. Richmond Marathon
  13. San Francisco Marathon
  14. Surf City Marathon (Huntington Beach, California)
  15. Tucson Marathon

Source : Runnersworld.com

Train : Run : 10K Race

10K, It’s the perfect distance: 10 kilometres require relatively little build-up, the training doesn’t take over your life, and the race is over fairly quickly unlike the half marathon or marathon.

Training for a 10K and Ways to Improve Speed

According to a runners world article I read , by logging only three or four runs per week, you can be ready to toe the line of a 10K in just five weeks.

If your goal is just to finish, your training runs should be at a comfortable pace. If you are aiming to beat a time then you should consider adding some faster training to your schedule, it is the best way to improve your speed and endurance.

Running Tip   For  10K

Don’t start running at a fast pace. Start slowly and save energy for the last mile.

The Loneliness of Long Distance Runner

Alan Silitoe short story “The Loneliness of a Long Distance runner” features a juvenile delinquent sent to a youth prison for robbing a bakery; he turns to running as a relief from his difficult life. An excerpt:

“… running has always been made much of in our family, especially running away from the police. I’ve always been a good runner, quick and with a big stride as well, the only trouble being that no matter how fast I run, and I did a very fair lick even though I do say so myself, it didn’t stop me getting caught by the cops after that bakery job.”

Challenges for Aging Runners

More older Americans are exercising regularly than ever. Officials with Running USA say seniors represent the fastest-growing segment of the sport’s participants.

The 42K marathon is hard enough for the energetic young people and for the older runners, they face bigger obstacles. Dr. Alexis Chiang Colvin, a sports-medicine expert at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, says aging affects every system the body uses in long-distance running.

An elderly heart doesn’t pump as fast or as hard, so oxygen — the body’s gasoline — doesn’t circulate as efficiently. An average 60-year-old pumps 20% less oxygenated blood than a 20-year-old, Dr. Colvin says. Like all human tissue, the lungs become stiffer and less expansive. Muscles atrophy(reduction) at an increasing rate and ligaments and tendons grow brittle making injuries far more likely. Muscle strength generally peaks at 30. After 70, it declines 30% per decade.

But I believe seniors who desire to continue running should not be discouraged by this obstacles. There  are a good number of inspiring runners at prime age who finish marathons with impressive times.

Why Elite Female runners are running faster in their thirties

Marathon record holder for runners over 90 yrs.

57 year old runner who still runs Sub three hours marathon.

The secret to running at old age is to remember this Russian quote, “May your dream be equal to your ability” if you must run push your body to it’s ability but not beyond it.

Benefits of Beer in Running For Runners

Is it safe to drink alcohol after running? I have been asked that question so many times. Although I celebrate by marathon finishes by drinking atleast one bottle of beer, I have never advised anyone to drink.

But I found this article on alcohol for athletes by nutritionist Kim Pearson (www.equilibria-health.co.uk). “Beer contains predominantly water and carbohydrate, both of which are essential in post-race recovery,” she says. “A recent study at Granada University in Spain found that the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint can help athletes absorb fluids more quickly than rehydrating with water.

“The carbon dioxide in beer helps quench thirst more quickly, while the carbohydrates replace some of the calories lost through exercise.”

If you must drink, my thoughts are “Drinking beer after a run is a great way to unwind, but match it with plenty of water and healthy post-run snacks.