Protein Supplement : Athlete Protein Supplement

Protein is one of the three essential components of the human diet, along with carbohydrates and fats. Protein, which is composed of various types of amino acids, provides the raw material for both muscle construction and repair.

Road running is an impact sport, all that running causes small tears inside although the tears are not visible they are buried under the skin, a runner feels them in form of slight pain. A diet rich in protein can help in repair of damaged tissue.

Although an athlete may get protein from eating regular protein rich foods, sometimes this is not enough and an athlete may need to boost the protein intake with a protein supplement

Experts recommend supplements because a high quality, concentrated protein product will repair the muscles stressed from a demanding workout more quickly than proteins consumed through food.

Popular Protein Supplements

  1. Whey protein (a byproduct of cheese)
  2. Soy protein, extracted from the soya bean.
  3. Glutamine, a specific type of amino acid, is another well-regarded component in many protein supplements.

Just remember before you decide to use any supplement consult with your doctor, nutritionist or advisor.

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