NFL Diet Plans : To Build Strength & Muscle

If your goal is to be like an NFL athlete : To be muscular and strong. Then you need to eat like an NFL athlete.

WebMd a Mens Health website have an article titled Eat to lose weight and Build muscle ; How NFL does it.

According to the article there’s really no big secret to eating like an NFL pro. It’s all about balance.

If your goal is to be the size of an NFL athlete Your plate should look like this:

  1. One-third lean protein (eggs, chicken, turkey, red meat)
  2. One-third fruits and vegetables
  3. One-third healthy carbs (whole-grain rice, pasta, or bread)

The article has some fantastic ideas on NFL Athlete breakfast, NFL athlete lunch & NFL athlete dinner.

3 thoughts on “NFL Diet Plans : To Build Strength & Muscle

  1. Chloe Diaz

    Yeahh!! If you are looking the kind of foods that will keep you strong and healthy, you will find that proteins are often the key. While bodybuilders are known for making proteins a part of their life ant to gain weight, you will find that just about any active person, whether they are a martial artist, a sportsman or an athlete, needs proteins to function.


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