Linet Masai and How Honey Treats Stomach Cramps & Pain

After Kenyan Linet Masai Won 10,000 meters gold at IAAF world championship in Berlin Germany the leading daily in Kenya carried an Interview with the father.

The father, a runner in his childhood, took credit for the girls success urging the girl to start running early. He said he weaned her on honey to help reduce stomach upsets, especially while running the long distance to school.

Medicinal Wisdom from bygone Era

What was special about the honey? The 55 old man had an insightful revelation, he explained that the family lived near Mt. Elgon forest which has many indigenous trees, which have medicinal significance, and bees inside the forest suck nectar that contains the medicinal value.The honey harvested from the forest bees is used as medicine.

The community has traditionaly used honey to treat stomach upsets.

Traditional honey versus modern honey

From the old mans  explanation it is convincing why honey would be cure for stomach upset. But it is also clear the modern processed honey would not work because it is produced in a farm environment away from the indigenous trees with their medicinal value.

If you intend to use honey bought from supermarket to treat stomach pain, sorry, it wont work!!

One thought on “Linet Masai and How Honey Treats Stomach Cramps & Pain

  1. smilinggreenmom

    I have heard of honey for this but did not realize that super market honey would lose it medicinal value. Hmmm. Does fresh honey from a local farmer work? Our family take the Vidazorb chewable probiotics to keep our digestion and “tummy” balanced. Works great and tastes fantastic! Thanks for the info!

    I dont think honey from a local farmer will work because the bees pick the nectar from the nearby vegetation which has no medicinal value. But if the farmer is near a forest it may work. Just remember the Masai’s live next to a forest with trees over 1000 yrs old, the honey is picked inside the forest.

    As for the supermarket honey, it is never pure honey it is processed honey that has been added some water and sugar to increase volume. The same thing that is done to milk.


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