Food To Avoid eating Before Running Exercise

One food that I have always avoided before running is banana. It may seem as the ideal energy booster (have seen runners eating during a marathon race, some races even provide it) but the one time i tried a banana it gave me stomach cramps.

Avoid Fat before running exercise

But if there is one food that is no no is any foods with a lot of fat. Fats can be very difficult and slow to digest and remain in the stomach a long time. Fatty food also will pull blood into the stomach to aid in digestion, which can cause cramping and discomfort.

Other foods to avoid before running

  1. Meats (especially red meat)
  2. Doughnuts,
  3. Fries/ Potato chips

The rule of thumps is any food that stays long in the stomach and it is hard to digest is best avoided.

3 thoughts on “Food To Avoid eating Before Running Exercise

  1. mialena

    It’s a shame as bananas are easy both to carry and eat on the go! Have you tried oranges? Provided at Paris Marathon apparently, and I don’t know if I’ll dare having one as I’ve not really tried eating while running. (this is my first marathon as well)

    I’ve been following your blog for a while btw, thanks for an enjoyable read!

  2. Constantine Njeru

    I have not tried Oranges but I have tried eating passion fruits before running. Passion fruits did not work for me, for some reason I felt a burning sensation on my throat and thirsty than usual.

    Keep in mind that everyone is a bit different and what works for you may not work for your teammate or training partner. Factor in individual preferences and favorite foods, and an eating plan is a highly individualize thing.

    Lastly, you should try different foods before a a race, It is a bad idea to try something new on the day of a race because you never know how it will affect you.


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