Running Tips From Haile Gebrselassie Running Clinic

The highlight at Haile Gebrselassie running clinic was the question and answer session. After doing seven laps around the stadium, we did cool down activity, stretching and jumping on the spot. At the end Haile was kind enough to give us time to ask him questions.

What is secret to his success

Training hard. This is not a secret but he emphasized the need to train more. The elite runners clock lots of weekly mileage. If you gradually increase your weekly mileage you will see improvement in your performance.

Why African runners dominate long distance running.

Success breeds success. He thought the young people in Africa look up to him and other runners as role models and this has inspired them to choose the sport as means of making a living.

Does he eat any special diet

Nothing special but he loves Teff, an Ethiopian food, a rich grain with lots of mineral.


Me and the King of the road

Will he try to lower his marathon record.

Oh yes! it is the way he responded to that question that impressed me. He was full of confidence. Success starts with a strong conviction : Yes I can!

About his age

“I wish to run for another 10 years but it is not for me to say but my body. I am struggling with age you know but as long as I can, I will continue competing.”

Does he plan to go into politics.

I think that could be my next step. It is not because I want power, it is because of what I think I could do for the people. He talked about a water project he sponsors back home.

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