Running Tips While Pregnant

If you love running and you happen to be pregnant you don’t need to give up on your favourite exercise. That is according to Pregnancy today, a website dedicated to everything pregnancy.

In an article about female runners and pregnancy “Jane Hahn, senior editor for Runner’s World Magazine, believes many experienced runners can continue to run at least part-way through their pregnancies provided their doctors are aware of their exercise.

Running Tips For Pregnant Runner

  • Be very cautious when running on uneven surfaces. Your center of gravity changes as your abdomen expands. Some experts suggest running on a treadmill at a gym after the second trimester to avoid potentially harmful falls.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause pre-term labor.
  • Remember that your breasts will expand along with your belly and need extra support. Some women wear a soft underwire bra with a sports bra over the top for comfort while running.
  • Another thing to remember is that your feet often get bigger with pregnancy. Watch the fit of your shoes and move up to a bigger size as needed.
  • Remember that many women stop running at some point during their pregnancy so allow yourself the leeway to stop if you are no longer comfortable.

Benefit of Running Exercise during pregnancy

  • Running exercise while pregnant helps limit excess weight gain.
  • Running exercise while pregnant keeps your mood up.
  • Running while pregnant can ward off pregnancy-induced hypertension and other prenatal problems.

Most important; Make sure you consult your doctor

all information courtesy of pregnancy today

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