Running Tip : Cause and Treating Leg Cramps

What are the cause of leg cramps?

Most experts attribute cramps in the calf or other leg muscles to dehydration or fatigue. If you get a cramp, massage the area, and resume running at a slower pace.

If you watched the 2008 Beijing women’s Olympics you might have seen Paula Radcliffe stopping, I guess twice or thrice to stretch and massage her legs. So don’t be afraid to make a stop to give yourself a first aid.

How to prevent leg cramps

To help prevent cramps, drink 250ml of fluid an hour before a run and slow your pace or take more frequent walk breaks from the start of your run.

The best way to prevent leg cramps is experience. The more distance you run in training the stronger your body gets. When your body is strong it takes longer before you get fatigued.

To beat fatigue keep training consistently.

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