Relaxation Techniques For Runners

“Tension is slow, tension is inefficient. You need to be relaxed.” And relaxation can be taught. ” That is the opening of an article on NYtimes website on how to relax.

I will write a summary of the article here and you can read the whole article on NYtimes website

Five Relaxation Technique

  1. Relax the eyes, if they are wide you are tense
  2. Relax the face
  3. Relax the jaw
  4. Let the feeling spread through the shoulders and arms.
  5. Stay tall, when running repeat the phrase “Stay tall”

Am taking this ideas seriously because  they come from Clyde Hart, the director of track and field at Baylor University. Mr. Hart has coached some of the world’s best runners, including Michael Johnson and Jeremy Wariner.

Visit Nytimes website to read the full article

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