Running Shoes: Nike Vs Asics

The most important running gear is the running shoe. You get it wrong and you are doomed! Wrong running shoe equals, bad performance and risk of running injury.

For this year’s Nairobi marathon I decided to try out two types of shoes, Nike and Asics. I bought both and  tested each on a 15K training run.

The Colour of the Running shoes

The Nike running shoe blue colour looked beautiful, the kind of shoe that turns eyes at the starting line.  As for the Asics, the colour is ordinary white, nothing spectacular.

Performance of the Running Shoes

The Nike fitted nicely but when running it didn’t feel as good as the Asics.  The Asics might look boring but I felt more comfortable running in it.

I have decided to wear Asics running shoe during  2008 Nairobi marathon.

One thought on “Running Shoes: Nike Vs Asics

  1. Nike vs Asics

    One thing Nike has over Asics in running shoes is their well known Nike Air technology (which is designed to use air to make the shoes light and reduce the force of impact). However even with this technology, Asics runners tend to be more comfortable.


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