Risk and Benefit of Running on Worn Out Trainers

One way you can develop strong legs is to run with your worn out trainers. Worn out  trainers will make you feel pain  on the feet but  the pain will increase your pain tolerance.

Most runners discard their running shoes as soon as they feel they are worn out. When I started feeling pain on my feet during my Sunday morning 21K run I knew my Adidas Trainers were getting worn out. I had run on them  for 5 months, during that period I wore them to run last year’s Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon.

Benefit of Running on Worn Out Trainers

Instead of buying a new pair of trainers I decided to keep running in them to find out whether running in pain will make me stronger. My idea was based on weight training principle, the way to build bigger and stronger muscles is to subject your muscles to more pain. Body builders build bigger and stronger muscles by lifting heavier weights. Once they get used to the pain of lifting a certain weight level they move up to a heavier weight.

Dangers of Running On Worn Out Trainers

Before you try running on worn out trainers be aware of the dangers. A worn out trainer can increase the risk of injury. Road running is an impact sport, your joints knees, ankles and hips are under great stress. A good running shoe helps to reduce the impact of tarmac on your joints.

The Safest Way to Run On your Worn Out Trainers 

1. Cut down on the mileage 

I couldnt stand the pain of running 21K on worn out trainers so I cut my run to 10K. The more you are on the road the higher the risk of suffering an injury.

2. Slow your pace.

Running at a slower pace will also reduce the risk of suffering an injury. Although the pain in your feet will automatically kill your pace.

3. Avoid Rocky Roads

A rocky road will cause you an injury even when wearing a good trainer. Avoid the rocks and run on smooth tarmac.

Safe Running 

One thought on “Risk and Benefit of Running on Worn Out Trainers

  1. Terry

    This is a stupid article. I don’t want to cut down my mileage, speed, or switch my terrain. Why not just throw the old trainers out when shot and buy a new pair? How magnificently idiotic!


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