Qualities of a Good Marathon Running Shoe

With so many running shoe brands out there, what makes a good running shoe? It is said the most important running gear is the shoe. You get it right and it will save you lots of energy and prevent you from injury.

These are the qualities of a good marathon running shoe

  1. Fit. A good shoe must fit your feet like a sock, no room to allow movement of the feet. But it should not be tight that you feel pressure.
  2. Cushioning. Running can be hard on feet and joints. Shoes should provide enough cushioning to absorb impact.
  3. Stability. A stable shoe controls motion in the ankle. At one time I bought a Nike and went running with it but I felt very uncomfortable running in it, when I checked it I discovered the heel was to high.
  4. Flexibility. The front of the shoe should flex enough to let the runner push off with the ball of the foot.
  5. Breathability. Shoes that dissipate sweat quickly keep feet cooler and reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal infection.

  6. Weight. The lighter the shoe, the better – as long as cushioning and stability don’t suffer.

2 thoughts on “Qualities of a Good Marathon Running Shoe

  1. khalfan

    Recently I went to an appointed sports shoe shop in Tokyo where well trained staff help athletes fit shoes! Actually, a shoe shouldn’t fit like a sock as far as the toes are concerned. Long distance runners need to buy 2-3 cm longer shoes than their actual size since feet expand after a long running and might cause black toes and pain if the size is exact.

    Actually, this was my big problem until I decided to go to a special shoe fitting shop. Now I can run all the Marathon distance without black toes or pain!

    However, the shoe must fit the sides of one’s feet like socks but this can be effected by how tight you tie your shoelaces.

  2. tom paine

    Most of the advice listed above for a “good” running shoe is bogus. Basically, the more expensive and the more padding and the more rerstrictive that a shoe is…makes it worse and actually CAUSES damage to your feet.

    A while back Nike suddenly realized they had been promoting a hoax and their solution was to start marketing shoes that “felt” like you were running barefoot.

    Um…instead of paying a small fortune to pretend that you are running barefoot why not just do it! Or do exactly the opposite of another piece of advice given on this site and simply buy cheap cloth shoes that mostly just protect your feet from cuts or until you can run barefoot? I’m guessing that Forrest Gump could figure that out but I suppose that many of the elite “running crowd” are too smart to be logical.


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