Nike : Super Thin: Zoom Victory Track Spike

In Times magazine 50 best inventions of 2008, at number 43 they have Nike shoe, Zoom Victory track spike.

The shoe/spike has paper thin sole that feels like you are running barefoot. The spike  weighs in at under 100 grams, which makes it one of the lightest performance shoes on record.

Lighter shoes may cause injury.

Last year I read an article in world Soccer magazine (January 2007 issue) that focused on the rising injuries suffered by soccer players in Spanish soccer league.

There were many theories on why this injuries were happening. Sports medicine expert Ignacio Romo blamed modern boots. “These days boot manufacturers worry about only one thing – making the boot light,” he said. “But in doing so they forget some of the vital qualities needed when it comes to protecting the foot: firmness, support and stability”

Can the Nike Zoom boost performance?

The only way we can know whether this shoe makes a difference in performance is if an average sprinter breaks a world record while wearing Nike  Zoom Victory spike.

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