Foot Arch Types : Normal Arch Type : Flat Arch Type : High Arch Type

These three images / pictures describe the three types of runners foot Arch types.

3 Types of Runners Foot Arch Type

1. Normal Arch Type

2. Flat Arch Type

3. High Arch Type

Images of runners foot arch type

Normal Arch type


The normal foot arch type is the most type of foot among runners. Stability shoes are recommended for runners with this type of foot.

Flat Foot Arch Type

flat-arch-footAs the name suggests, the flat arch type is just flat. The shoe type recommended is stability shoes or motion control shoes.

The High Arch Foot type

high-arch-foot-typeLook at the red line, the arch is deeply curved inside. The high Arch type of foot is very uncommon. Runners with high arch foot type are advised to wear neutral cushioning shoes.

Images Courtesy of zappos shoes. The Number online running shoe seller

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