Benefits of Wearing “Banned” Spira Running Shoe

Five years ago the USA Track and Field banned Spira Running shoe.

Benefits of Wearing Spira Running Shoe

The controversial shoe has a spring technology that is placed in the soles of the shoe. Spira’s patented WaveSpring technology reduces impact force on a runner’s body, which leads to an efficient recovery and less overall stress – signifying that the WaveSpring technology may be the most significant technical advancement achieved in the footwear industry in recent years. Spira’s shoes – and its WaveSpring technology – violates rule 143.3 (a) of the USA Track and Field which specifically bans springs in shoes for competition.

Do the Spira Shoe Boost Elite Runners Performance

“The shoes were super,” Said Anzhelika Averkova of the Ukraine after winning the 2007 Detroit Marathon.

Although most marathons have ignored the ban,  organisers of Boston Marathon have banned it. If I remember correctly one marathon runner at Beijing Olympic Marathon was wearing the banned shoe, I just can’t remember the name of the runner?

Hey – if you’re not aiming for a world record explore the Spira website, watch the video, read the reviews, and decide for yourself whether the technology’s worth taking a flyer on

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