Running Quote : Old is Just a Number By Marathoner Paul Evans

Before the 1995 New York Marathon Marathoner Paul Evans from Britain was asked whether being 34 years old he was too old to win NYC marathon this is what he said,

“The registration on the car is quite old, but the engine doesn’t have many miles,”

I think that was a brilliant answer from a guy who left school at sixteen went to work as a cobbler then was laid off at 27. After his cobbler career died he was reborn as as professional athlete. Five years after he started running, in 1993, he finished seventh at NYC marathon in 2 hours 13 minutes 36 seconds. in 1994, he placed fifth in the London Marathon, lowering his personal best by five seconds to 2:10.31.

One thought on “Running Quote : Old is Just a Number By Marathoner Paul Evans

  1. Seb from pedometer watches

    This is very inspirational. It reminds me a bit of the story of Helen Klein. She didn’t start running until she was 55. Now she is 87 and has completed 100 marathons and 142 ultra marathons. You’re never too old. Great blog Constantine


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