Weekend Half & Full Marathon Photos & Pictures

It was a great weekend of marathon running, I found pictures from some of marathon races that happened over the weekend.

2010 Hyannis Marathon Race photos & Pictures

The local paper had a great photo taken at the start of the race : a picture of Dad with his wheel chair bound son just ahead of the leading pack. See photo at cod times site

2010 Gasparilla Half & Full Marathon photos & Pictures

The notable thing about thsi race was the 41 year old winner, Terri Rejimbai won the womens half in a time of 1 hr 22 mins. See pictures at st petersburg website

2010 Cowtown marathon photos & pictures

The largest running field over the weekend, 21000 runners turned up. I wondered why the winner had a slow finish time in the low 2:30s. This picture tells it all

See more pictures at flickr

2010 Standard Chartered Hong Kong marathon photos & pictures

See photo of the winner at peoples website

One thought on “Weekend Half & Full Marathon Photos & Pictures

  1. steelbyte

    It is easy to criticize when when you don;t have all the facts. The photo you chose to make fun of is of the walkers in the Cowtown Marathon behind the half marathon runners. I took the photo so I can set you and the record straight.

    FROM CONSTANTINE : I didnt intend to make fun of the walkers. I just wanted to show that the whole field was generally slow.


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