2010 Austin Marathon Race Photos & Pictures

“Run Austin Love Austin”that is one of the best marathon slogans have heard

According to race officials, 4,500 marathoners and a record number of 9,000 half-marathoners participated in 2010 Austin Marathon.

The race having fell on valentine day there was alot of roses at the finish line.

I found 2010 Austin Race photos at Flickr. The photos were awesome, the type you would love to keep in sports photos library or sports photos books.

Check out more photos at flickr andrew photo stream

One thought on “2010 Austin Marathon Race Photos & Pictures

  1. LTC Hart

    I am trying to find photos from the 2010 Austin marathon. I ran it in my Army uniform. My Mom was going to watch but wasn’t feeling well. I am not too pleased with the commercial photos. Thanks.

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