Wrong Running Shoe Causes You Running Injury

Every runner should know the most important running gear is the running shoe. If you use the wrong running shoe you risk suffering an injury.

At last years Nairobi Marathon I noticed a number of runners who complained suffering running injury wore the wrong running shoes.  These runners had thin soled running shoes which are designed for track running.

The kind of running you do, track running or road running determines the running shoe. Other tricky factors to consider when choosing a running shoe is the type of your leg and feet.

Like one lady told a running magazine;

“I was running actually in the wrong shoes for years, and I was getting injuries all the time,” said Sarah Vaughan, 52 of Hamden, Conne., she then decided to visit a speciality running store. “They looked at my foot and the shape of my foot and the kind of running that I do and they put me in the right shoe and I’ve been injury-free since.”


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