Treating Tight Muscle, Flex It, Stretch It

As I was running yesterday morning my left thigh muscle felt tight. I have been training hard for the last three months preparing for 2008 Stanchart Nairobi marathon and one cause of tight muscle is the long runs I have been doing.

Treating  a tight muscle

1) Suspend your next run

The first thing I did was cancel my next run planned for the next day. If you persist running you will be risking suffering a muscle pull. Prevention is better than cure.

2) Stretch, stretch and stretch

There are many examples of stretching exercise you can do, have a look at my post on my favourite leg stretch and pictures of bruce lee stretches on how to stretch your back.

3) Anti-inflammation spray.

If the tight area is reeling in pain, using an anti-inflammation spray will help soothe the pain away.

Safe running!

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