Tips For a Speedy Muscle Recovery : Running Recovery

The more you train the stronger you get, but when training gets too much it leads to fatigue. When fatigue builds up you experience reduced performance and risk sudden training injury. It is important to take breaks from your regular training to allow muscle recovery.

Tips for speedy muscle recovery

  1. Take a complete rest from training – missing one or two days cant hurt?
  2. Massage
  3. Hot baths with bath salts,
  4. Stretching properly
  5. Stay hydrated day in day out

All the above will all add to the big picture of good recovery and reducing injury.

The tips can also be followed by runners who want a speedy recovery from a half marathon or a full marathon.

2 thoughts on “Tips For a Speedy Muscle Recovery : Running Recovery

  1. John

    I use protex-h along with most of the tips above. The protex-h is a heat shock protein accelerator that helps prepair the muscles for the stress from the training/running. It speeds up the bodys natural heat shock process so its all ready repairing the muscle whilst your exercising.

    I”ve used it for just under a year mostly half-marathons, 10k and hill runs and noticed a big difference.


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