Test for Your Ankle Joint

Last week I posted about my 5k run on grass after suffering a freak ankle injury. My run yesterday morning was about feeling whether the ankle injury had healed. Although you might not feel any pain on a recovering running injury its only when you get running that you can be sure a running injury has completely healed.

Test Ankle Injury On Grass

The ankle had been feeling fine but I decided not to risk it on a hard tarmarc. I started my run by jogging on grass. after two laps the ankle felt okey so I increased the pace of my runs. I ran at high pace without feeling any pain on the ankle.

After ten laps running on grass I was convinced the ankle was fully healed and I immeadiatley hit the tarmarc. I ran a 8K that included three hill runs. At the end of my run the ankle joint felt fine and I can now stop worrying on how to treat my ankle injury and start dreaming of my next run. It’s good to be back!!

Remember the process of treating an ankle injury is;

1. Ice the ankle injury immediately after injury

2. Massage the ankle joint

3. When the ankle joint feels better start by running on grass

4. When the ankle pain ends first test it on grass. If you dont feel any pain you can get back to running on hard tarmarc.


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