Swinging The Ankle Joint

Am still in search for the perfect running swing. A swing that reduces chances of an injury and make me run faster.

Yesterday morning I went for my weekly sunday morning run. Its was a 15K run. I tried to focus my mind on my leg movement, particularly the ankle joint. When running I have been trying to make sure I land on the my heel and let the feet swing to the front part of the feet.

Two Advantages of Swinging Ankle

1. Minimise Injury on the Ankle Joint

When the ankle joint is not swinging you increase chances of injury. Ankle Muscles need to contract and relax. If your ankle is not swinging properly it means all the pounding is leaving the tendons around the ankle tense.

If you were to hold a stick and try to bend it, if you apply alot of force it will break. The same with the ankle tendons when they are subjected with too much pressure you suffer an ankle injury.

Your running swing should allow contraction and relaxation.

2. Run Faster

When your ankle swings from the heel of your feet to the front part, you run faster.

The reason is when you use the front part of your feet you increase your explosive power. Try this when running and you will feel the difference.

Its never easy to change and old habit. I tried to focus on making sure my ankle makes a complete swing but now and then I found myself going back to my bad old habit. As they say, old habits die hard.

Nothing is easy we just have to be persistence in our training. The only way to master a technique is, repeat, repeat and repeat. Thats how Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan learnt their trade.

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