Stanchart Marathon Training Week 13 : My First Injury

Suffering injuries is part of the deal of choosing a running lifestyle.

The last week I suffered my first injury as I continue training for 2009 Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. I have suffered an Achilles Tendonittis in other words it is an inflammation of the Achilles. For a good description look at the image below.

achillies-tendonitis injuryIf I was to take an x-ray of my leg it would look something like that.

Thanks to the injury I had to cancel one day of speed work and I have decided to cancel my weekly long run.

I have this nagging pain on the area, it is not serious and I could still run with the pain but I have decided to take precaution and avoid see it turn into something more serious. After all time is on my side, I started marathon training two months ago and I have made great progress and I still have two more months before the marathon. Start your training early and you will have time to treat inevitable injuries and get back to training.

What caused the Achilles Tendinitis.

I speculate it has something today with the changes in my training. The last two week I have been doing serious speed work and I guese the fast running was more than my body could handle.

Treatment of the Achilles tendinitis

A one week rest,wearing my sports shoes instead of my heavy boots to work, a few calf muscle strength exercise plus applying an anti-inflammation cream should heal the archilles tendonitis.

4 thoughts on “Stanchart Marathon Training Week 13 : My First Injury

  1. jokach

    I had to run my first marathon with Achilles Tendonitis since it didn’t hit me until 2 weeks to go until the marathon. A good thing that worked for me is taking an ice cube and running it up and down the tendon every few hours, it helped keep the inflammation down (especially when you have to run on it)… that and cutting down the speed work (which probably caused it) also helped me …

    Good luck!

  2. ElkGroveRunner

    Wrap the ankle to keep the tendon supported. I too had this injury, but it was caused by foolishly running too hard on rocky hills. After resting the ankle, ice pack and stretching, I always ran with the ankle wrapped until I felt no more discomfort. If the tendon started to hurt, I wrapped it up again. It really did work well.

    Also, bad form would cause the tendon to flare up. So, I had to always remember, “fast and light, quick and easy” as I ran. If I got tired I would naturally start pounding my feet more, which was bad. I would then take shorter, faster steps in order to reduce the pounding. It worked.
    From Constantine : Thanks for the tip

  3. Jacob

    Pole about the injury. I wish you quick recovery. What ElkGroveRunner has said above always works for me. I am going for Mwea classic marathon (23Kms) on 12th Sept and Ndakaini Half Marathon on 19th September then I will do speedwork in October as we approach Stanchart Marathon on 25th September.
    Wanjiru should be running Rotterdam Half Marathon today (11th Sept) – I didn’t see it in your “calendar”
    I suggest you stick to fartleks for speed. Interval training may be stressing your body too much.


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