Shin Splints Injury: Four Step Treatment

Shin splints is a pain over the front of your lower leg, that part stretching from the knee to the foot.When you run you feel pain and when you touch the area on either side of your shin bone, it may feel sore and tender.

This injury was made famous by Lance Armstrong during his first marathon. At the end of 2006 New York Marathon he reported he had ran the distance wish shin splints. The amazing thing was that he still managed a sub 3 hours finish. Not bad in your first marathon!

Causes of Shin splints injury

Experts call it overuse injury, that is too much running. That is why Doctors recommend taking a rest from running as the first step in solving the problem.

Step One In Treating Shin SPlints Injury

Stop running and take a rest.

Step two in treating shin splints injury

Ice the area twice a day.

Step three in treating Shin splints injury

Use an anti-inflamatory spray. If the pain is too much you may take pain killers.

Step four in treating shin splints

Finally, when you get back running use a good running shoe.

Normal pain disapear after a short while but if you don’t see improvement consult with your physician.

3 thoughts on “Shin Splints Injury: Four Step Treatment

  1. Mohamed

    i was sufering this week such kind of injury… i will soon do what your advice is then will see what will come out though my coach tald me all about this…
    thank you so much

  2. Gary @ Stop Shin Splints

    Great article. I thought I’d add that shin splints sometimes stick around stubbornly due to a few underlying conditions that rest and painkillers alone sometimes don’t fix… in particular inflexible calves, bad running form and flat feet. If your shin splints don’t go away by following the directions above, it’s best to look up some information on good running form, make sure your calves are flexible and look up the “wet test” to ensure you don’t have flat feet.


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