Running Foot Injury : Cause and Treatment

If you are experiencing pain around parts of your foot while running and when you touch and press the parts they feel sore, you are suffering from a stress fracture.

About Stress Fracture

What many runners report as a running foot injury is medically known as stress structure. Stress fractures are partial breaks or cracks in the bones around the foot.

Cause of running foot injury (stress fracture)

Stress fractures are caused by extreme stress to the bone. It could be caused by: –

  1. Running too much (over training)
  2. Running on rough, rocky surfaces
  3. Running on a hard surface
  4. Sudden switch from soft surface to hard surface.

Treatment of Running Foot Injury ( Stress Fracture)

Stress fractures usually heal on their own. The best treatment is taking a complete REST from running. Although most website say you should take six weeks break from running, I think you should give your foot as much rest as necessary to heal.

When you feel you are ready to return to running, get back slowly. start running on soft surfaces (grass) before running on hard surface.

If the pain is chronic, the foot is swollen and the pain is not going away, see a sports-oriented doctor for a bone scan.

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