Nogushi, Radcliffe : Victims of Too Much Training

The news from the Japanese Olympic team is that the reigning Olympic champion Mizuki Noguchi pulled out of Sunday’s marathon because of a lingering left thigh injury. Noguchi, the 2003 world championship silver medalist, was attempting to become the first woman to repeat as Olympic marathon champion.

Incidentally, Radcliffe, 34, She too has been bothered by a similar thigh injury.

Unlike Nogushi, Radcliffe has not yet given up on an Olympic medal especially after her major disappointment in Athens, when she collapsed because of dehydration after leading much of the race.

Dangers of over training

With elite runners doing weekly mileages of over 100 miles (160 kilometres) this carries a greater risk of running injury.

Overtraining is a condition that results from not getting enough rest to allow the body to recover from stressful training. It can result in lowered endurance and speed and place a runner at a greater risk of injury.

Some runners came out of the punishing training okay but for runners like Nogushi and Radcliffe they weren’t so lucky. Training is a lottery!

With Nogushi out of Sunday’s marathon and Radcliffe a wounded warrior, who is going to win the female marathon?  Catherine Ndereba maybe?

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