My Body Health, Fitness 2 Weeks After Running The Marathon

Its two weeks since I ran the 2008 Nairobi marathon and I feel it is necessary to update everyone on how my body feels.

The 2008 Nairobi marathon was my third marathon having run the marathon in 2006 and 2007. My finish time in 2008 was 2 hours 54 minutes, a big improvement from my first marathon in 2006 when I finished in 3 hours 26 minutes. 

General Body Health

Two weeks after the marathon? No post-marathon sickness to report. Marathon runners are notoriously vulnerable to infections, weeks following a marathon. Marathon running stresses your critical organs, the heart, lungs, kidneys  beyond their limit. The immune system weakens and any slight contact with a virus could live you sick. I remember after my first marathon, I fell sick for one week. To protect myself I have avoided unnecessary shaking of hands, cold virus are mostly spread through hand shakes. 

Body Muscles

My leg muscles, the thighs and calf feel fine. I didn’t feel sore during the marathon, which means I did not release large amounts of Lactic acid. Lactic acid is responsible for the muscle pain experienced during running. Lack of lactic acid is the major reason why I have recovered so rapidly.

To delay the release of lactic acid, I had trained hard for this marathon. I did six months of intensive  marathon training, during that period I made sure I ran slow long runs of upto 32K once every week. The long run helps a runner develop endurance. I also did hill repeats to strengthen my thigh and calf muscles. 

Ankles, Hips and Knees Joints.

None of these critical joints are aching. Thanks to my three years of road running. The more years of running you do, the stronger your body gets. Experienced runners report fewer running injuries. 

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