Leg Cramps, : What Causes it?

Pain is part of the deal of being a runner.

Leg cramp is a pain that is experienced around the leg but mainly on your calf muscles. Most runners report to feel the pain near the end of a marathon race.

What Rely Causes leg cramps

Most experts agree the primary cause is dehydration. But if you think about it, at a race runners are provided with a lot of water but still runners report feeling pain in the legs. Which makes me conclude water is not the primary cause of leg cramps.

Lack of running experience and inadequate training is the main cause of leg cramps. I ran my first marathon in 2006 and my second in 2007, both of this marathons I suffered cramps near the end. For my third marathon, which was the first time I ran a 42K marathon under three hours and set a Personal best of 2 hours 54 minutes, I did not feel any pain en route to the finish line.

Experience Brings Strength

That third marathon was my best because it was pain free. Three years of marathon training had made my body get used to the stress of marathon running. The more you train the stronger your calf, ankle and knee get.

Keep training and with time your calf’s will get strong.

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