Latest Research On Barefoot Running

There is a lot of news flying around claiming that running barefoot is better than running on some fancy running shoes. Although am yet to try running barefoot there are many runners out there who swear by barefoot running, at least on grass. Running barefoot on tarmac is a big NO!

Research on Barefoot running

The latest research on barefoot running has been done by a team from Harvard University. The team studied runners from the United States and Kenya as they ran on tracks.

The researchers found that while people run in a variety of ways, most barefoot runners tend to “forefoot strike — land first on the outer ball of the foot before bringing down the heel.

Advantage / Benefit of Barefoot Running

By contrast, more than 75 percent of runners who wear running shoes land on their heels first. The study suggests this is more likely to cause running injury.

Detailed information is published on harvard univesity website on barefoot running.

One thought on “Latest Research On Barefoot Running

  1. Peter Bird

    The problem with the Harvard study is that all it showed was barefoot running was different to shod running. They did not show that one was better than the other. Even then they had very small numbers in each group and there was very big differences in the ages of the groups they compared, so what they did was probably not even valid. No one in the biomechanics community is taking the study seriously.

    Also, if you look at ALL the research on risk factors for running injuries, not ONE of them has linked high impact to any injury. Its just a myth.


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