Health Insurance For Marathon Runners & Amateur Athletes

Health insurance is important for amateur athletes who participate in marathon races, half marathon, 10k or 5K races. Although events cover runners on the day of the race, the health insurance is limited plus it does not cover injury sustained when training.

Before going out to buy health insurance to cover you for running related injuries you need to get familiar with insurance policies. You need to know whether health insurance companies in your country or state cover pre-existing injuries. In the US states such as California and New York are no longer allowed to exclude pre-existing injuries from treatment.

Cost of Health Insurance For Runners

I thought health insurance companies have discount for active amateur athletes but the reality is it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a person participating in organized athletic events at almost any level. You’ll pay the same amount as someone who is overweight and unhealthy.

The winners are the health insurance companies who get premium from a healthy pool.

Analyzing your Health Insurance plan For Running Related Injuries

People looking for Sports Injury Protection should check that the plan covers for fractures, dislocations and torn ligaments. It should also include income replacement benefit if your injury keeps you off work, as well as physiotherapy treatment, dental treatment. This type of insurance can be available separately or as part of private health insurance. Standalone sports cover may provide a lump-sum payment if you break a bone.

Beware of cheap health insurance for runners, if an insurance company quotes you a very low price they are most likely offerign you a very limited cover. Read the fine print.

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