Five Common Running Injuries that Fellow Runners Report

Running injuries are part us. Every runner at one time will experience an injury.

If you take a tour of the running blogosphere you will find runners cry about the following running injuries;


  1. Runners Knee. This was the first injury I suffered after I started running. Described as pain on the knee, you only feel the pain when you try to run. Read, Managing Runners Knee, cause and treatment
  2. Ankle Sprain Injury. Another common injury that is mainly caused by poor running technique and wearing wrong running shoes.                                          Dealing with Ankle Sprain, cause and treatment
  3. Calf Strain Injury. It is a stretch, tear or rapture of one of your calf muscles. Mainly caused by lack of stretching.
  4. Shin Splints. If you watched 2006 New York marathon you saw TV images of Lance Armstrong Limping to the finish, he later admitted he was running with shin splints. It is pain on the front and side of the lower leg.
  5. Hamstring. This is a stretch or tear of one of three muscles on the back of your thigh. Its common among sprinters, a long distance runner will suffer an hamstring while doing his speed work.
  6. Runners nipple (Irritation of the nipple) This is the only injury that is not caused by running impact, its caused by friction from the repeated rubbing of your t-shirt against the nipples. Applying Vaseline on the nipples will minimize the friction.

The only way you can completely avoid running injury is to stop running.


Because you love running, the only thing you can do is minimize the chances of an injury by giving yourself enough time for recovery.

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