End of 5th Week of Marathon Training : Groin Injury

Last week of I missed two days of running after I suffered a groin injury. My The groin injury happened as I was doing my speed work. At the end of the speed workout, my groin felt sore, nothing serious because I was able to walk comfortably.

Groin injury are mostly suffered by sprinters, soccer players and football player. Running at high speed strains your adductor muscles which may result into a groin injury.

I decided to give the groin a rest for two days because I remember reading a Men’s health article that said the best treatment for a groin injury is rest. Beware of sit ups, which can exacerbate groin strain.

After two days the groin felt fine and I went for a Jog, no serious running. It’s advisable to do light running after a running injury to avoid sudden recurrence of an injury.

Am now back at full running

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