Ankle Sprain : Cause and Treatment

A friend of mine has been training for a 10K run being organized by his employer. The guy is new to running and last evening he called me to tell me that he sprained his ankle and needed my help.

An ankle sprain is the most common of all ankle injuries. According to sports medicine website an ankle sprain occurs when there is a stretching and tearing of ligaments surrounding the ankle joint. The numerous ligaments around the ankle can become pulled and torn when the ankle is forced into a position not normally encountered.

Cause of Ankle Sprain

1. If you are new to running, and your ankle was only used to walking, sooner or later you will suffer an ankle injury

2. Running on an even surface, rocks, potholes cause the ankle to turn and twist resulting in an injury.

3. Hill running. The first time I suffered an ankle sprain was when I tried hill running. Uphill running involves a lot of effort, and the pressure is felt in the ankles.

Treatment of ankle sprain

The first line of defense for a running injury is applying ice. The icing helps to reduce the swelling. Remember too much ice may lead to frost bite so read my post on how to ice an injury.

After icing you can then apply heat rub. Avoid activities that strain the ankle. Keep the ankle active by exercising. My favourite ankle exercise is to draw the letters of the alphabet with my toes.

Any ankle injury that does not respond to basic treatment of ice and heat in 1-2 weeks may be more serious. See your Doctor!

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  1. Rob Goodwin

    Icing is only 1 component of treating a sprain. Rest, compression, and elevation are all equally as important. Returning to activity while there is still pain and inflammation (swelling) will prolong the injury and impede healing.

    A good ice compression wrap is available at

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