5 Simple Causes of Running Injuries

Due to its high-impact nature,  injuries are part of running. Marathoners run on hard streets. The impact of each stride is three to four times a runners body weight, transferred from ankles to knees to hips. 

1. Body weight cause of running injury.

The heavier a runner, the higher the impact on the body. A runner who is overweight will experience extreme stress on the ankles, knees and hips. 

2. Over training causes running injury.

Repetitive stress on the same tissues without enough time for recovery will cause injury.

3. Lack of rest causes running injuries

Rest is important because it allows your body to repair muscle tears  caused during running.

4.  Poor running technique causes running injury.

Watch out against a running method that causes twisting of the ankles. 

5. Worn out running shoes causes running injuries. 

Worn out running shoes are like a car with shock absorbers. Running shoes help to reduce the impact of running. Poor running shoes increases stress on your feet, ankles and knee. 

Safe running 

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