5 Ideas How To Prevent Running Injuries

Running injuries cannot be 100% avoided but you can minimize getting an injury if you incorporate my five injury minimization methods in your training plan

1. Warming Up to Prevent Injury

The benefits of a warm up are immense. A warm up warms your muscles and increases your heart rate. Enables oxygen in the blood to travel in greater speed. A jog can do the job.

2. Wearing Proper running Shoes to Prevent Injury

Make sure your shoe fits properly. Most experts advice it should fit like your sock. A marathon shoe is different from a track shoe. A marathon shoe has a thick sole to act as a shock absorber from the rock solid tarmac.

3. Rest

Don’t over do things. Take a break between your runs. And remember to get plenty of sleep. Resting allows your muscles to recover.

4. Strength Training to Prevent Injury

The purpose of hill drills is to develop strong leg muscles. One ankle exercise is skipping rope. The stronger the body the less prone it is to injury.

5. Stretching to Prevent Injury

Remember to stretch your leg muscles in the evening and morning.

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