Xbox Nike Sneaker Shoes

I just saw this Xbox inspired Nike sneaker shoes, I tried to force myself to like this shoes but I was unable!!

2500-xbox-nike shoes-sneekers

The Xbox inspired shoes were designed by Sole Junkie a Carlifornia based artist who specializes in custom based sneakers. The price tag for this Xbox inspired Nike shoes = $2,500.

7 thoughts on “Xbox Nike Sneaker Shoes

  1. Jacob

    Those shoes are as ugly as butt. And they are not running shoes – what are they doing on your site?
    I started training this week. I will be training continuously until the Stanchart Marathon in October. But we have the Ndakaini half Marathon (Thika) in September which I encourage you to come for as a build-up to Stanchart Marathon. You think you can come? Why didn’t you go for the Sokotoko Marathon? When do you start your training?

  2. alex acosta

    this are some ugly ass shoes how could u come up wit that design they are freakin ugly …..sorry but they just are dam horible

  3. Fatima keyes

    dis shoes r so fuckin hot if u say u don’t like dese shoes than somethin wrong wit ur mind


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