What Women Think About Thin Runners

From the readers question section of Runners world magazine I found this interesting question from a distressed man

“So my wife says, if I lose too much weight and end up looking like Hendrik Ramala (a skinny South African long distance runner) She will divorce me! But to be a better runner I need to work on my weight. So what?” Nigel S.

This question made me laugh, felt sorry for Mister Nigel. I don’t think the views of Mrs Nigel represent all women.

Here in Kenya, the runners are Razor thin and they are all (atleast most of them) happily married. If the women in their lives are unhappy about it they don’t admit it publicly, they put up a brave face, like a good African wife should.¬† They can’t complain as long as the men continue winning races and making lots of money from road running.

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