Usain Bolt : His Slave Origins & Where in Africa did he come from?

After watching Jamaican Usain Bolt smash the 100 metres record, I asked myself, “From which part of Africa did his slave ancestors come from?”

All Jamaicans are descendants of Slaves from Africa. Did his slave ancestors come from Kenya? I don’t think so. If they came from my country Kenya, Usain Bolt would have been a long distance runner.

Ethiopia? No. Ethiopia is good at middle distance running.


What about Nigeria? probably yes.

Nigeria is the only country in Africa that has been able to produce sprinters that compete in Olympics.

At 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, sprinters Olusoji Fasuba and Damola Osayemi represented Nigeria in the sprints. Fasuba holds the African record in the 100 meters with a time of 9.85 seconds. Nigeria won a bronze medal at the mens 4 x 100 meter relay.

I won’t mind if Nigeria gloat about Usain Bolt being their own!

One thought on “Usain Bolt : His Slave Origins & Where in Africa did he come from?

  1. zahen

    While your curiosity is natural and shared, your ignorance is evident. I would like to point out that while most of the Jamaican population are descendants of Africans that were forced into slavery, there is a significant portion of the population that have origins elsewhere who were not slaves, for e.g. India, Syria, Lebanon, Ireland, China. Anyway, the Lightning Bolt is amazing and truly a mystery!


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