The Bekele Shoe Conspiracy

The Kenya Athletics officials are still adamant the Kenya cross country team did well at last weeks Edinburgh championships. The secretary was on TV last night and the man was trying hard to talk up the fact Kenya won senior men’s title and play down Bekele win.

Watching Too Much Barrack Obama Vs Hillary Clinton

Its seems the officials have been reading from the play book of Maggie Williams, Hillary Clinton Campaign manager.When Hillary Clinton loses, Maggie is always there to justify the lose. Its all spin, spin & more spin.

Bizarre Training Tactics

The fact is the preparation for the Cross country in Edinburgh was a sham. The weather in Edinburgh was cold and muddy. But the Kenya team trained in Kigari a not so cold area of Embu. The most bizzare running idea was to get the runners running on the dusty roads of Siakago town, a very hot and dry area.  We now know Edinburgh was all mud and slippery!!

The Secret Conspiracy To Stop Bekele

The The coaches failed the runners and the runners had to improvise their own tactics. The media reported Bekele’s left shoe was caught by a Kenyan opponent. “My shoe was about halfway off, but I had to stop, undo it, and then put it back on,” he said. “It’s the first time it has happened to me.

On a dirty Edinburgh course, playing dirty was easy. But no amount of gamesmanship was going to stop Bekele from Winning his 6th cross country title.

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