Rosie Ruiz Boston Marathon Scandal

In over 100 years of Boston marathon the event has produced the good the bad and the ugly. The one story I keep sharing with my friends is the Rosie Ruiz scandal. The scandal was so good that it was ranked  number 23 on the list of top 50 sporting scandal by timesonline.

1980 Boston marathon Scandal

Rosie Ruiz entered the marathon as unknown amateur runner but at the end of the marathon she was one of the most famous runners in world after surprisingly winning the women event with a record time of 2 hrs 31 minutes.

When asked by a reporter why she didn’t seem fatigued after the grueling race, she said, “I got up with a lot of energy this morning” Her effortless effort together with the fact Ruiz didn’t appear in race videotapes until near the end of the race, created  suspicion she was an impostor.

A subsequent investigation concluded that Ruiz had skipped most of the race and blended into the crowd about one mile from the finish line, where she then ran to her apparent victory.

Amazingly, according to Rosie Ruiz biography on wikipedia this woman continues to deny any cheating, insisting she ran the entire distance, and refuses to return her first place medal.

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