Politician Challenges Opponents to a London Marathon Contest

The best political ploy at last weeks London Mayoral election was from, Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democratic candidate, who had challenged his political opponents, Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone to running Last months Flora London marathon.

According to a statement on britishblogs.com  prior to the London Mayoral election, Paddick was quoted, “Running London is an extremely tough and demanding job and the Mayor needs to be mentally and physically fit. “I am running the London Marathon this year and I challenge all Mayoral candidates to join me – it will be a real test of their mettle. “If people vote for me on 1st May, they know I will be fit for office.”…

None of his opponents took up the challenge, but Boris Johnson (whom Livingstone had branded a “Big Joke”) turned up at the start to cheer and congratulate the marathon runners.

But voters seems not to have been impressed by Paddick’s finish time of just under 5 hours. They instead voted for Conservative candidate, Boris Johnson.

After 21 political debates, Barrack Obama should now  challenge Hillary Clinton to a game of basketball!

2 thoughts on “Politician Challenges Opponents to a London Marathon Contest

  1. Shan

    Hi Constantine,
    I’m working with the Borneo International Marathon scheduled for October 12th 2008 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia – and was wondering if you and your running mates would be interested in participating?
    It is the first marathon in Kota Kinabalu in over 20 years and is currently the only one being organized in Borneo for this year.
    Please email me should you have any queries at info@borneomarathon.com or visit http://www.borneomarathon.com
    Hope to hear from you and have a great week ahead.
    Shan Sandhu

  2. Constantine Njeru

    Thanks Shan for the request. Me and my mates will be running Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon on 26th October 2008. It wont be possible for us two run two marathons in two weeks.

    I would love to one day visit Pulau Tiga – the volcanic island setting for the 1st season of the Survivor TV show.

    All the best as you plan for the marathon, like you say in your site, have a great run and a great time!


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