Olympians : Victims or Winners?”

I was going through Matt Mullenweg blog when I stumbled on an interesting comment on why Olympic heroes need pity not adulation.

If you don’t know Matt, he is the genius from San Francisco who gave us wordpress software, the best blogging software on the planet. My website is powered by wordpress.

This was the comment by a reader calling himself Nas,

People willing to punish themselves hard enough to qualify for the Olympics require counseling, not admiration… Not to mention the fact that some athletes go through a training regimen that starts early enough and is hard enough to qualify as child abuse… Olympians are by and large victims, not “winners”. “

As a runner, my best moment is at the end of 42K marathon, nothing can beat the joy and pride from the satisfaction of doing something very difficult.

What do you say, are you a  victim or hero?

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