Jogger Attacked By Elephant Awarded A Million Bucks

The local dailies here in Kenya have an interesting story,

“A British woman has been awarded a near US $ 1 million by a Kenyan court in compensation following an attack by an elephant. Mrs Wendy Martin, 48, was attacked eight years ago while jogging with friends at Ngwesi Group Ranch, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy”

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy are the organizers of the World famous Lewa Marathon. A marathon held in a game park. I remember the start of the 2008 edition had to be delayed because a lion had strayed onto the route. Since the marathon begun no one has been injured during the marathon.

Eight years ago Mrs. Wendy was a guest at the lodge when she, her friends and a guide went for a morning run. The run turned tragic when an angry elephant confronted them, in the ensuing confusion the group scattered but Wendy was the unlucky one as she was cornered and pinned to the ground by the elephant. She was badly injured but survived for her day in court!!

In awarding the million bucks the High Court judge ruled “The plaintiff was a visitor at the lodge and was owed duty of care once inside the lodge. The defendants are liable, which liability is held 100%” The defendant intends to appeal the decision.

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