Jamaican Runners Diet : Secret of Sprinters

At 2008 Beijing Olympics, Jamaica’s team led by an awesome performance from Usain Bolt, finished with a record 11 medals – six gold, three silver and two bronze. So what made them successful?

There are many reasons that explains Jamaica’s athletes performance

Three reasons why Jamaica has good sprinters

  1. Training
  2. Genetics
  3. Diet.

Jamaica’s Sprinter Secret diet

Some people think Jamaica’s diet of yams and cassava might be the secret diet. I read in the Economist magazine about an email forward that was doing rounds across the Caribbean. The email claimed the world anti doping agency had banned yams and cassavas because they had discovered they were performance enhancing drugs!

The email went further and said “This comes after extensive study of the diets of the Jamaican athletes which took part in the Beijing 2008 Olympic games. Though natural foods it is felt by WADA that these foods because of their unique properties give Jamaican athletes an unfair advantage. High concentrations of carbohydrates and other naturally occurring substances are said to be mimicking the effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Some foods have been noted to in particular cause an unusual increase in the male hormone testosterone.”

The email turned out to be a big joke. I loved it!!!

One thought on “Jamaican Runners Diet : Secret of Sprinters

  1. Trevor

    What is this bull? Man, Usain just so happens to be the fastest. Just like my childhood hero Micheal Johnson. This email is bogus..
    One love!!


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