Fan Behaviour Banned at 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

While the rest of the world is concerned with the bad Air at Beijing, the Chinese authorities believe one of their biggest problem at Beijing Summer Olympics will be the bad behaviour of Chinese crowd.

According to a news Item I just read on Fox news australia, Chinese spectators are amongst the worst in the world, they spit, swear, shout and scream. They constantly hurl abuse, refuse to turn off their mobile phones when silence is needed, never sit still and are often negative.

hooligan.jpgI thought those are qualities of a good sports fan! But for Chinese authorities, the local crowds are a problem they have been trying to address for the past year.

The Chinese authority have come up with what I can describe as the first professional cheer leading squad in the world. They call it the Worker’s Civilised Cheerleading Squad, they have been trained on etiquette and manners of a sports fan.

According to Huang Keying, the Deputy Director of Spectator Services Division at the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games they have banned the following traditional habits of sports fans:

1) International spectator pastime, Streaking (So Obvious!)

2) Gambling

3) Drunkness

Spectators have been warned to keep banners supporting China at home and that disruptive behaviour could result in several days’ detention.

One thought on “Fan Behaviour Banned at 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

  1. Wayne

    Hey Constantine. It’s really sad to see a picture of a kid (probably less than seven years old) making a gesture like that. It’s even worse about the local fans in China.

    What was appalling to me was the U.S. Cycling Team with their masks on as they were leaving the Beijing Airport recently. That showed no class to me. Not every American is like that. Believe me, I wouldn’t go into Kenya or China or the Philippines or any other country and doing something like that


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