Did “God Warrior” Run a Half Marathon?

On Easter Sunday morning I ran a 10K run then I spent my evening watching an infamous episode from season two of Trading Spouses. It was the episode of Marguerite Perrin, the self-proclaimed GOD WARRIOR, made famous in season one by her infamous rant against the dark side and major meltdown in front of the cameras.

Maguerite Half Marathon Challenge

In season one, the overweight Marguerite spent her $50,000 prize money to have a biopsy surgery. Oh boy, she still looked big!! This time around her Swap, LaToya Brown left her $10,000, Marguerite was going to get her hands on the money on condition she finished a half marathon!

Does anyone out there know whether our favourite God warrior ran a half marathon?

If you want to see a scary woman watch Marguerite Perrin A.K.A. God Warrior on you tube

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