Boris, London Mayor a Closet Runner Comes Out

Today morning CNN had a clip of the new London Mayor Boris Johnson doing his morning run. I was surprised to see Boris, running considering he had rejected the challenge from one of his rivals to run london marathon to prove who is fit to be Mayor.

Prior to the London Mayoral election, Brian Paddick the Liberal Democratic party candidate was quoted, “Running London is an extremely tough and demanding job and the Mayor needs to be mentally and physically fit. “I am running the London Marathon this year and I challenge all Mayoral candidates to join me – it will be a real test of their mettle. “If people vote for me on 1st May, they know I will be fit for office.”…

It seems Boris was just a closet runner who didn’t want to risk a bad performance that would have got him bad publicity when he list needed it. Remember how Barrack Obama  memorably bowled a deplorable 37 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Now the American working class are having difficulty identifying with Obama! ……On the other hand, Paddick finished London marathon in just under 5 hours….Did that create some doubts on voter minds on his readiness to be Mayor?

One thing Boris (the runner) needs to work on is his choice of running attire, I thought what he was wearing looked  like his Pyjama suit! ……He was in such hurry to get out of the house that he forgot to change into his trainers?

With 2012 Olympics being held in London, I think the people of London made a good choice in electing Boris (the runner) as their Mayor.

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