Best Marathon Running Costume Ideas

One way to make a statement at a marathon is to turn up dressed in a fancy costume. If you cant come up with an original running costume idea you may steal ideas from fellow runners.

Two popular marathon running costume ideas

Elvis costume

Spiderman costume

Save the rhino costume

Save the rhino costume at Flora London Marathon

Save the rhino costume at Flora London Marathon

Running 26 miles is hard and what about bringing the Eiffel tower along with you

This Parisian was spotted at 2009 New York Marathon

This Parisian was spotted at 2009 New York Marathon

More costume ideas can be seen at elite feet

4 thoughts on “Best Marathon Running Costume Ideas

  1. Shauna Milton

    Ok, so I volunteered during Santa Barbara’s first International Marathon on Dec 6 – this was my first time being anywhere near a marathon…. anyway, was super impressed when I saw the inflatable santa costume at mile 24 running by. Wow, how can people run a marathon in the first place and then how can they do it in costume. Great idea! I signed up for my first marathon – the LA marathon on March 21 – still not sure I can do it in a costume, but I sure am going to finish!

  2. Misty Elvette Johnson

    It is a hoot to run a race in an Elvis or Elvette costume! I have been designing and creating custom outfits for running Elvi for 12 years now, and FINALLY was in shape to run as an Elvis for the Vegas RNR in December. It was more than just fun….I was warm (40 degrees at start), comfortable, and a clebrity the whole 1/2 marathon! I was not going for time…needless to say, I was stopped many times for photo opportunities along the course! And I really got to practice my “Thank ya..thank ya very much” to absolute perfection! Give it a try as you will have a blast! Caontact me for your special Elvis suit! Go to or the link on the Rock N Roll Marathon site1


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